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Tim Robards is a Personal Trainer, creator of The Robards Method, and author of The 7:2:1 Plan. Here is how he starts his day.


How do you prepare for tomorrow the night before?

For me, it’s all about getting a good night’s sleep. I track my sleep with my Apple Watch’s AutoSleep app. I’m also testing out the Oura Ring. I’m fascinated by the way our sleep is impacted by daily life.

What do you wear to bed?

I’m a cotton boxer man.

How do you dress your bed?

I like to feel like I’m in a hotel, so I go all-out. I’ve got 1000 thread count Sheridan sheets that are super luxurious. I’m also tempted to try out some bamboo sheets.

What is on your nightstand?

Some of my charging cables (I’m working on getting them further away from my bed) and some books on acting.

Who do you sleep with?

On weekdays, I’m in Melbourne for work so I sleep alone and on weekends, I sleep with my wife. I get the best of both worlds!

How many hours do you sleep?

I try to get myself into bed for around 8 hours sleep whenever I can, but my actual average sleep according to my sleep tracker is closer to 6.5 hours. I’m working on not waking up as much during the night!

What time do you wake up?

Usually around 3am, then again around 8am. When I’m required on set, 5am. It’s difficult because I don’t usually feel tired until it’s midnight. I’m definitely more of a night person. 


What is the first thing you do on waking?

Lately, I’ve been using the Breathe app for a couple of minutes of deep breathing. I combine it with my fitness trackers and track my heart rate variability, which gives me an indication of my readiness for the day and lets me know how hard I should push myself.

Then I get out of bed and have a warm shower – years of playing footy and being bent over a chiro table helping everyone else has meant that most mornings, my back is stiffer than a board!

What’s your go-to way to energise your body upon waking?

Without my warm shower, I really struggle to start my day. It’s the best thing. These days, it takes me a little bit to warm up for the day, so I potter around the house for a little while before I go crazy doing any exercise.

How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like exercising?

I remind myself how good I will feel afterwards and how terrible I may feel if I don’t work out. I also try to think about my bigger goals which involve me being fit and physically strong - that’s the best motivation.

What is your first drink of the day and why?

Coffee for sure. I mix it up between a piccolo latte, cappuccino or a long black, and I switch up the milk I’m using. I like to live dangerously!

Life is too short to drink bad coffee, I say. I’m in love with my new Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine – it spins the capsule to give you an amazing crema.

What is for breakfast and why?

I generally break my fast around midday, but when I’m starting super early that goes out the window. I’ll either have oats with berries, a simple raw muesli or some poached eggs on rye with plenty of veggies.


What is your AM skincare routine?

My AM and PM skincare routines are pretty similar. I wash with Handsome Men’s Skincare Facial Wash and then moisturise, and that’s it. It’s fairly basic. Sometimes I’ll also use a Vitamin A cream.

What are your go-to skincare products?

Handsome Men’s Skincare is my favourite as they use mainly natural and organic ingredients.

What is your standby routine for awakening a tired face?

I’ll borrow some of Anna’s exfoliating wash or have a cold shower – there’s nothing worse than looking tired!


What is the first thing you do?

I have so many different jobs these days. In the chiro clinic, I prepare for my clients for the day so that everything runs smoothly. If I’m on my way to the set, I read over the script using an app on my phone.

What is top of your to-do list?

I’ve really committed to acting recently, so I spend a lot of time training, learning and getting my lines to stick in my head. I also make an effort to balance the stress and anxiety that comes with it by keeping up my training. I make sure I also have plenty of downtime and I love going to my favourite recovery center – it has ice baths and a sauna and is a great place to rejuvenate.

What is your 10am pick-me-up for energy?

The best way to find energy is to find purpose in what you’re doing. If I’m not inspired by what I’m doing, I’ll need an overdose of coffee and anything with chocolate in it!