The Doctor’s 3 Day Pre-NYE Cleanse

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The Doctor’s 3 Day Pre-NYE Cleanse

If you’re planning a big NYE night, how your body handles the hangover is all in the preparation. Get you body (specifically your liver!) ready, get it strong and get your body back on track Jan 1st ready to take on 2017 like a boss. 

December 29th

1. Lemon juice, fresh ginger and cucumber in warm water upon waking to aid liver function

Image via: She Uncovered

2. 2tsp of SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Greens in water or coconut water to keep immunity and pH in check and the liver strong



3. Avoid anything processed – stick to fresh fruits and veggies and clean proteins

Image source: Jamie Oliver

4. Find 30-60 minutes to get your heart rate up and balance metabolism

Image source: @joja


December 30th

If you feel like you want to lighten the load on your digestion, replace one meal with a Nourishing Protein Smoothie BONUS: it contains dandelion to help clear out any toxins from the liver – consider it your NYE prep booster!

December 31st

+ Before you go out have another scoop of Alkalising Greens in coconut water to help hydrate and smooth out pH

+ Have a Nourishing Protein smoothie to fill you up to avoid overindulging on the canapés

+Put your Alkalising Greens and a bottle of water next to your bed before you go out, when you come home shake up the greens and down it before passing out. This will help clear out the toxins, hydrate, help the body restore a healthy pH and you may not feel so sorry for yourself in the am!