How To Fuel 5 Kids With One Drink

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How To Fuel 5 Kids With One Drink

Author and busy mother-of-5 Courtney Adamo, shares her secret smoothie recipe for nourishing her happy healthy family.

WelleCo (W): Where do you live?

Courtney Adamo (CA): We live in Bangalow, a charming little town in the hinterland outside of Byron Bay. We just bought an old heritage home in the centre of town and are carefully restoring it before we move in. The kids can easily walk into town from our house, which is convenient when you run out of milk, and we’re a 15-minute drive from the ocean, where we spend the majority of our time.

W: You have a large family!

CA: I do! I’m married to Michael and we have five kids, Easton (13), Quin (11), Ivy (9), Marlow (5), and Wilkie (1).

W: Do you like to cook, and more importantly, does everyone eat it?

CA: Michael does most of the cooking and I do most of the baking. Thankfully, our kids are adventurous eaters and will eat, or at least try, almost anything we make. Even spicy food!

W: Surely with 5 children there must be a couple of picky eaters?

CA: Not really. I think because Michael and I are adventurous eaters our kids have followed suit. Also, we’ve travelled quite a bit with our kids and have made meal times an important part of that experience. We’ve encouraged them to try new cuisines wherever we go.

W: What is your biggest challenge when it comes to nutrition?

CA: We eat a mostly vegetarian diet, so getting enough protein for our kids is probably our only concern. Other than a seafood dinner once a week, our kids only get a meal centred around protein if they order it at a restaurant or a friend invites us for dinner. We try to think more about quality and variety in our diet, than food science. We like that WelleCo’s proteins are all plant-based.

W: Which WelleCo protein elixirs sit on your kitchen bench?

CA: We have a tin of Super Kid’s NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN which goes pretty quickly with our brood, and the NOURIHSING PROTEIN for us.

W: Have you noticed any changes since using WelleCo proteins?

CA: We have pretty active and energetic kids, so it’s hard to pinpoint a difference in their mood or actions, but I can say that they really crave any of the WelleCo protein treats we make, be that a shake or something like the raw balls.

Our kids have perfected a shake they love. The recipe makes enough for all of them to have a glass. 



2 frozen bananas

2 large scoops of peanut butter

8 ice cubes

500ml coconut milk

250ml nut milk

Combine in a blender, blitz and serve!