How to be your healthiest self

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How to be your healthiest self

Eating your greens, exercising regularly and routinely getting eight hours of sleep a night sounds like the recipe to a healthy lifestyle, right? In theory yes, however there are certain hidden environmental factors that are cancelling out all our good work. We spoke to Dr Simone Laubscher about what they are, and how to overcome them.


The human body is made up of at least 60 per cent water and the electronic current within our bodies starts to resonate with the wifi of our mobiles, especially while we’re sleeping.  The solution is easy – leave your phone in the living room.

It’s the same electronic theory: our bodies start resonating with the electricity around us, so switch off bedside lamps at the socket before falling asleep.

If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.  Always keep in mind your skin is your third kidney, what you put on your skin will actually go directly into your bloodstream. Choose organic skin creams made using natural products.

If you’ve ever needed extra inspiration to take a daily ocean dip, this is it. The huge saturation of the salt we get when we dunk ourselves in the great blue naturally draws all the toxins out of the body.

Be wise about the air you breathe – for example rather than jogging alongside a busy road, choose a park or beach footpath.


Being aware of our environment is half the battle, now all that’s left is to embrace a healthy you. Here are 3 tips from Dr Simone that will help reduce your toxic cup...


1. Vitamin D

There is now a link between Vitamin D and detoxification of the body, particularly mercury, so et your 20 minutes a day. The natural serotonin it creates is also great for brain function.

2. Perfume is for clothes

Spritz your favourite scent on your clothes rather than your skin, that way you’re avoiding unnecessary exposure to the chemicals in the perfume.

3. Daily Alkalising Formula 
Just 2 teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Formula helps the body become alkaline and combat issues with being acidic and toxic including low energy levels, weight gain, carb and sugar cravings).