Do fad diets really work?

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Do fad diets really work?
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We dive deep and discover the perfect daily solution for optimum health and long-term weight management.

South Beach, Mediterranean Diet, Volumetrics and Macrobiotic. Many have us tried at least one fad diet designed for quick weight loss and fast results. Whilst many are based around solid eating principles, they are often highly restrictive and as such, not always easy to stick too. Sure we see benefits and quickly, but often after just a few days of back-to-usual eating, we find ourselves back to square one.

Promoted as requiring little effort and producing a "quick fix", a promise of dramatic weight-loss and almost-instant results might seem appealing, however if it’s long-term results that you’re after, a lifestyle change is the only answer.

Leading yoga instructor and Clinical Nutritionist, Alex Bovell shares with WelleCo her clean eating tips and tricks. Because more often than not, a healthy, balanced lifestyle alway sprevails fad diet trends.


“I find that considered meal prepping is key to staying on track,” says Alex. “Try planning your weekly meals in advance. Knowing you have everything in the fridge for a meal makes life a lot simpler. Sunday afternoon is my favourite time to sit down and plan the week ahead. I try and aim for simple ingredient dishes so that I’m more likely stick to the meal plan and less likely to opt for takeaway and convenience food.”


Unfortunately the majority of shopping trolleys are filled with packaged items referred to as ‘food’. Yet, when we read the ingredients the label is primarily filled with numbers. “Forget about the plastic containers and cardboard boxes and instead choose fresh and bright wholefoods found in the outskirts of the grocery store,” says Alex. “I strongly recommend sticking to the outside aisles of the shopping centre as much as possible and fill the bulk of your trolley with nutritious, colourful foods.”     


“Sneak vegetables into EVERYTHING,” says Alex. “When you make your morning smoothie, add zucchini and spinach. Surprisingly you can't taste a thing, I promise! When cooking Spaghetti Bolognese for the family; grate carrot, pumpkin, zucchini and chop cauliflower into the mince mixture. It’s these simple tricks that will bulk-up meals with fibre and complex carbohydrates without adding calories. It’s much easier to hit your daily vegetable serves target when you’re eating them mixed with your favourite foods. I like to think of the way we trick children into eating vegetables, so why not channel your inner mum and trick yourself!”                                                                                     


“By making extra at dinnertime, I have made my lunch for the next day,” she says. “The morning tends to be a rush it saves time, worry and money by prepping lunch the night before with leftovers.”



We’re either in a rush to eat or we’re not hungry but either way without a balanced breakfast the likelihood of us reaching for sugary foods later in the day increases by a mile. “I am notorious for rummaging around in the kitchen after dinner ‘prepping’ my breakfast for the morning,” says Alex. “I love that feeling of waking up knowing everything is set and ready for the day and I just grab and go. With smoothies, it’s easy to load them with fruits however I recommend balancing your smoothies with complex carbohydrates (bananas or rolled oats), healthy fats (avocado, chia seeds, nut butters, nuts & seeds), protein (Greek yoghurt, WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN) and dietary fibre (zucchini, spinach and kale).


Are you a morning or an afternoon person? “Personally I hate exercising in the afternoon,” she says, “but if you ask me to join you for a class in the morning I’m there with bells on! As such, I never schedule my workouts in the afternoon. Instead, I wake up 30 minutes earlier for a walk. Alternatively, if your energy peaks in the afternoon, work to your advantage and smash out an afternoon workout!”