Daily bites – Taylor Tomasi Hill reveals her day in food to Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD

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Daily bites – Taylor Tomasi Hill reveals her day in food to Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD

Taylor Tomasi Hill, fashion director at Dallas retail mecca Forty Five Ten, and former editor at Marie Claire and Moda Operandi, adores fashion. She loves food too. Here she talks through her daily plate with Dr. Simone Laubsher PhD. 

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauces. I discovered it on vacation at Turtle Inn in Belize and now order it online by the case.

Dr. Simone Laubsher PhD. (DL): Great choice, but also wise to start your day with 500ml water with lemon or herbal tea to break your evening fast.

Image: Gourmet Traveller

Lunch: It varies, but is always spicy. It could be a kale salad, a bowl of pho, a chopped salad with some pickled or fresh jalapeno. The fresh orecchiette from Mirador, the restaurant on the top floor of Forty Five Ten, is the best in town. 

DL: Lots of veggies is great and spicy foods are good for the immune system and metabolism.  Just watch your protein here in case your energy levels drop or you get sugar cravings in the afternoon.

Image: Donna Hay

Dinner: We have a cook - it’s my one real treat to myself. Chef Mitch comes once a week and preps fish or another healthy protein, a lot of vegetables and grains. He leaves everything ready for us to heat up after we put our son to bed. If we go to a restaurant, it’s typically someplace family friendly and in the neighborhood. We love Taverna for Italian and the Tex-Mex at Mr. Mesero.

DL: Sounds well-balanced. Just make sure you and your son are getting enough essential fats such as avocado and always cook healthily with coconut or grape seed oil.