6 ways to form new habits for a better 2019

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6 ways to form new habits for a better 2019

2 teaspoons of SUPER ELIXIR a day for optimum health sounds easy - because it is. 

Now is the time to lay last year’s excuses to rest and start building the better version of yourself… 2 teaspoons at a time.

Along with a New Year comes resolutions and good intentions. Yet without real commitment and self-discipline, real disappointment can strike, well, right about now. Yoga instructor and Clinical Nutritionist, Alex Bovell of M’Lani Health shares with WelleCo her goal-orientated essentials for 2019, including some simple motivators and easy-to-incorporate steps that make-up a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle.


When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, the key is to be specific - and with that comes routine. But the common resolution, to ‘become healthier,’ is much easier said than done. 

Using a diary to the fullest advantage will help in achieving your health goals. “Set some time aside on a Sunday to plan for the week ahead”, says Bovell, “Whether this be organising meal prep for the week, or scheduling your workouts, having routine and structure for the week = organisation.”

“Having routine in your life is essential. It holds you accountable for the week and your choices”, says Bovell. Her tip: to use a handwritten diary, rather than your phone calendar, “It’s easier to set the week out when you can see it straight in front of you.”


“We don’t realise how amazing our bodies were designed to feel!” Bovell shares, “As a society we’ve become incredibly used to feeling mediocre in terms of our health, energy, mood and sleep. It’s not until we begin to prioritise our health that we realise the mental and physical potential of our bodies.”

“Mentally, eating foods rich in vital nutrients such as Omega-3 essential fatty acids, B vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium improves brain function and mood”, according to Bovell.

Here’s why:

  • Omega-3. An incredibly important ingredient in supporting brain health due to the EPA and DHA, which are critical for brain development and function.
  • B-vitamins to stimulate brain chemical production such as dopamine and serotonin, which improves mental health and overall happiness. 5 essential B-vitamins can be found in the WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN (included for their impact on heart, mood, weight and digestion, too!)
  • Zinc and Magnesium. Going hand-in-hand, both play a key role in brain function and mood. Found in the SUPER ELIXIR Greens, 2 teaspoons daily is all we need for a positive mind-set and a strong memory.
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 With an abundance of to-do’s, lists, schedules, social events and gatherings kicking off the New Year, it is easy to get carried away in what others have or what others are doing.

“Coming from someone who lives with anxiety, I know how quickly we get caught up in our heads and how easily stress becomes normal,” says Bovell, “The amount of rushing only exacerbates anxiousness and we lose our grounding.”

Mindfulness through meditation, according to Bovell, helps you ground yourself when life gets hectic. Helping you make clearer more rational decisions when required.  And you don’t have to remote yourself to a tropical island to do so. “[Mindfulness] is solely about being where you are when you’re there. You can meditate anywhere if you hold yourself accountable and set aside 5-minutes.”


For serious changes to both your body and your mood; try and take part in 30 minutes of exercise each day. “Exercise is a great addition to any diet changes as it’s proven to improve mood through influencing serotonin and norepinephrine production, which decreases feelings of depression,” she shares. “Physical activity releases endorphins, which produce positive feelings and it’s easier for me to stay on track when I feel good from the inside out!”


An absolute favourite recommendation to her clients, Bovell describes water as “the most underrated superfood out there,” encouraging an increased fluid intake, particularly around the silly season when alcohol, juices and soft drink are readily available to us.

“In terms of weight loss, water is important because it improves your metabolism and stabilises your appetite”, she says. Along with the ‘8 cups a day’ rule (one that has been ingrained in her), she suggests drinking 500ml of water upon waking each morning to flush out toxins and stimulate the metabolism. 


Keeping a journal is an effective way to reflect and notice mental changes, acknowledging the powerful internal shift through nourishing your body.

“I definitely love being aware of internal changes (rather than aesthetics), which is where WelleCo PH Tester Kits are extremely useful!”

Our bodies thrive in an alkaline state, however the foods we’re taught are ‘bad’ are acidic and can derail our alkaline balance. “Although you may not be seeing instant results externally”, Bovell explains, “the strips will help you determine whether there’s internal change - and this will keep you on track.”

“Sometimes that’s the motivation you need to keep going because you’re doing amazing!”