5 Yoga Studios We Visit On Our Travels

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5 Yoga Studios We Visit On Our Travels

From New York City to the jungles of Ubud, beautiful and unique yoga shalas are tucked away everywhere, for when you need to find that mind, body connection on your travels, here are five of our favourites….

One Hot Yoga – Sydney & Melbourne

A traditional practice within the striking and contemporary studios design by Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers, One yoga was the first core body temperature hot yoga studio in the world. Dedicated to movement and mindfulness with an advanced heating system, signature scent and rain showers, it is a gorgeous space that from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave is a seamless and sacred experience for the body and senses.

Tigre Yoga – Paris

A haven for peace and better living in Paris, Tiger is a complete wellness centre with yoga, meditation, Pilates studio, massage parlor, organic and vegan food bar, warm and inviting lounge area complete with library (yes, books, as in offline). Getting off the grid in the city. Enjoy.

Breathe Salt Rooms – New York City

In the heart of NYC there are these luxurious Himalayan salt rooms where micro-particles of pure white salt are dispersed into the air, entering your airways to naturally cleanse and detoxify your lungs, sinuses and air passages. Yoga classes take place within the salt rooms or you can experience the healing benefits of Dry salt therapy but simply sitting back in one of the salt therapy rooms.

True Yoga – Auckland New Zealand

A serene studio by the sea in New Zealand's capital city, practice in big, light flooded rooms overlooking the sparkling waters of Okahu Bay through the gorgeous original arched windows. All levels of students are welcome and classes on offer include a signature Sunday Acoustic session with live music.

Intuitive Flow Yoga – Ubud, Indonesia

In the quiet part of Ubud, Penestanan is this beautiful Yoga studio. Incredibly warm and friendly and practice surrounded by light filled windows overlooking endless jungle.