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WelleCo staffers give their tips for staying organised, razor sharp and super-focused.

Private offices were the first to go, then those super-squeezy anti-social cubicles. In 2019, it’s all about open-plan work environments, with their cool breakout rooms and communal lounge areas. Yet no matter how much you love your co-workers, being less than arm’s-length distance from them can sometimes be challenging. It can be difficult to stay focused when your colleague’s call is blasting straight into your ear and there is no room on your desk for a coffee. Consider these tried and tested tips from some of our staffers here at WelleCo. You might just start to embrace it.

Invest in a good pair of headphones

“My headphones act as a ‘do not disturb’ sign in the office. Once I put them on, I’m in the work zone and my productivity goes through the roof. I enjoy listening to my Spotify discover weekly playlist. Even if I don’t listen to music I find they help to muffle out chatter and the printer. I can’t work without them!” 
Isabella, Wholesale Accounts Assistant & Retail Manager

Whisper Wednesdays

“For one hour every Wednesday, we have complete silence in the office. I like the peace and moment of calm it gives me. I am so much more productive. It’s my favourite hour of the week and I make sure I schedule something in that requires 100% focus and concentration.”
Luke, Social Media & Community Manager

Declutter your desktop

“Decluttering makes me feel more organised, calmer and on top of things, and in a busy open plan office it helps to create space (both psychically and mentally) and looks neater. When you have multiple desks in a row, all of the things on each desk start to add up and feel overwhelming. Trimming back and clearing can help with concentration, organisation and productivity. I like to do regular culls, throwing out paper and old notes that have built up (including in folders and draws) or product samples that people have left on my desk that are old. I also give my desk a weekly wipe down to clear away any dust. I do like to have pretty things around, so I make space for plants and a nice tea cup which makes me happy.” 
Simone, Product Development

Become a plant parent

“Bringing plants into my workspace has a calming effect on me and keeps me grounded when dealing with the fast-paced aspects of customer service. It makes my desk feel less clinical, inspires more creativity, and provides a feeling of comfort. Knowing they are improving the air quality around me is also a bonus!”
Caris, Customer Service

Take it outside

“I love working in an open plan office, but it can get very noisy at times and can be exhausting mentally. I like to take a walk around the block to recharge and clear my mind for 5 minutes. I think it is important to stop for a minute once in a while, as we do get caught up at times and forget how constant noise affects us. A walk definitely makes it easier for me.”
Monika, Junior Graphic Designer