Green Pea, Millet & Mint Fritters

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Green Pea, Millet & Mint Fritters

Breakfast, lunch or dinner these green pea, millet and mint fritters from the clever team at Green Kitchen Stories never disappoint. The star ingredient in this dish, millet, is an ancient (and overlooked) grain that is naturally gluten free and rich in all those good proteins and nutrients. 

You'll need

1 1/2 cup / 225 g fresh green peas (or frozen and thawed)
1 packed cup / 160 g cooked millet (1/3 cup / 70 g uncooked)
1 spring onion, chopped
2 eggs
1 handful fresh mint and parsley leaves (6 sprigs, picked)
4 tbsp ricotta cheese (or cottage cheese)
salt and pepper

coconut oil, for frying

Wilted spinach
coconut oil
a few handfuls wild spinach
1-2 tsp chili flakes
salt and pepper

Serve with
Soft or medium boiled egg (ours were cooked for 7 minutes)
Beetroot sprouts
Lemon zest

To make
Add 1 cup / 150 g of the peas to a food processor along with millet, spring onion, eggs, herbs, ricotta cheese, salt and pepper. Pulse a few times on high speed until mixed but still slightly chunky. Mash the remaining peas roughly with a fork and stir into the batter. Let sit for 20 minutes to let the ingredients come together (which will make them easier to fry).

Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to a non-stick frying pan on medium heat, wait until it’s hot and then use a large spoon to dollop the fritters into the pan and flat them out into rounds (depending on the size of the pan, you should be able to fit between three and five of them each time).

Cook until they begin to set, roughly about 3 minutes and then carefully flip them with a spatula. If the batter feels too soft and runny, you can add some extra millet to it. Fry all the fritters and place on a tray to cool off just slightly while wilting the spinach.

Using the same frying pan, simply add the spinach to a little oil and chili flakes on a medium heat and let sauté for a few minutes until it has wilted down.

Place the spinach on plates, top with a few sweet pea fritters, yogurt, sprouts, radishes and a generous amount of lemon zest and soft boiled eggs on the side.

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